will free

自由気ままで我儘、勝手で移り気 = willfully


時にはgirlishで、時にはboyishに 日々変化する気持ちや空間を、居心地の良いものにする為のキーアイテムが見つかるはず
Los Angeles、New Yorkのセレクトアイテムやvintage古着、ライフスタイルアイテムなど 全てを直接見て、触れて、海外から買い付けをしています

ジャンルに捉われないonline select shopを提案していきます

Freedom is willful and selfishly, they're selfish and capricious.
The future choice is always in your free condition.

Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.. what kind of clothes are put on, and what kind of place do you go to, and whom do you meet.
You have freedom of choice for all which colors daily you.

They're sometimes sometimes boyish in girlish.
Key item to make the feeling which changes and the space something comfortable every day should be found.

A selection item in Los Angeles and New York, vintage used clothing and a lifestyle item are seeing everything directly, touch and are buying from foreign countries.

The On-line selection shop soku can't divide into the genre will be proposed.


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